Belly Bowl Casting

Pregnant Belly Casting prices:
  • $139 Photo prop/keepsake Belly cast (no hands) includes casting, sanding, priming & sealing
  • $199 Belly Cast with hands includes casting, sanding & priming. (These are nothing like the DIY casting kits found in stores they are far more advanced.)
  • $60 (Optional) Custom painted/decorated such as matching nursery theme with name, date & clip art. More detailed painting will be additional charge.
  • $60 (Optional) newborn pictures in belly cast.
Family & Baby Casting Pricing
  • $40 baby/child/hand/foot each additional child $20
  • $139 Baby Love parents hand over child's feet in heart shape (includes casting, sanding & sealing)
  • $139 Clasp style (includes casting, sanding & sealing)
  • $149 (Linked Style) includes 4 each additional $20 includes casting, sanding & sealing.